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If you would like to make a booking enquiry please contact us at or use our contact form. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Having been founded more than two millenias ago, The Queen of the Adriatic flourished as a city during  the middle ages. It was home to some of the wealthiest families in the Italian peninsula and one of the most important commerce centers in the world.

Also, by the time of the Renaissance, together with Florence and Rome, the city was one of the most important cultural hubs of Europe. And those artists left their mark for good in paintings, poetry and arhitecture.

  • 2 nights, Nov 4-30
  • 2 nights, Dec 1-16, Jan 5-31
  • 2 nights, Feb 1-11, 21-28
  • 3 nights, Nov 4-30, Dec 1-16, Jan 5-31
  • 3 nights, Feb 1-11, 21-28

Wether you and your mum want to relax, being walked around  the grand canal while sitting on the persian rug of a gondola, or explore the narrow, quirky streets of the old city center,is all up to you.

What Venice offers in terms of architecture and cultural enjoyment, is clearly unique, since some of the basilicas and towers date back to the start of the middle ages.

If your mum loves large baroque interiors, she will find herself at home in the Ca’ Rezzonico palace, which now hosts an art museum. But in terms of museums, where in the world will she find a better naval history museum other than the city that was well known for its naval dominance, even over some empires?

Hotel le Boulevard, with it’s great position, between the sea and the lagoon, can help you and your mother easily get to many of the above-mentioned locations.

While staying at Hotel le Boulevard, you can enjoy air conditioning, in-room mini bar, telephone, TV, and many other 4-star hotel hospitality services.

However, while in Venice, not many people stay inside the Hotel that much. So we advise you to go out there and enjoy your holiday at its fullest! 

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