Spring/Summer Ibiza Break

Spring/Summer Ibiza Break
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Spring/Summer Ibiza Break

If you would like to make a booking enquiry please contact us at or use our contact form. 

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  • Stay at the Duquesa Playa Aparthotel / Orquidea Aparthotel
  • 3 or 5 night options  Perfect if you’re planning a stag or hen party

All around the world, the name ’’Ibiza’’ gets everyone hyped, thinking about wild nightlife parties.

But is this all Ibiza can offer? How about this: Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its culture and fantastic old mediterranean arhitecture.

Founded more than two millenias ago by the Phoenician settlers, the Island is located in the Mediterranean sea, 80 kilometers away from Valencia. Ibiza saw a mass increase of tourists after the sixties, and it’s enjoying more than six million tourists annually.

While on the island, you will find yourself immersed in a town which preserved most of its medieval look. You can visit the castle, built in the late middle ages or the centuries old catholic churches and find yourself in a place where traditions from the past are brought to value even today.

Are there also museums for even more trips to the past? But of course. You and your mum have lots of places to rest out of the hot sun.

At the price of £131.00 per person, your mum can enjoy a mediterranean lifestyle for three nights, including great cuisine, at the 4-star hotel in Duquesa Playa Aparthotel or the 3-star Orquidea Aparthotel, both situated in the beautiful old town of Santa Eulàlia del Riu.

It’s the third largest town on the island and your mother can enjoy its long sandy beach where she can lounge on, and have great water/sports activities.

Also, remind your mum to take the digital cameras with her, as she will be in for some spectacular sights.

The price includes the flight from London Stansted, with regional airport departures available.

You need to be 18 years or older to purchase this deal.

  • 1-13 May, 3 nights
  • 1-13 May, 5 nights
  • 1-15 April, 3 nights
  • 1-15 April, 5 nights
  • 16-30 June, 3 nights
  • 16-30 June, 5 nights
  • 4-14 July, 3 nights
  • 4-14 July, 5 nights
  • 9-20 August, 3 nights
  • 9-20 August, 5 nights

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