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Break in Nice


If you would like to make a booking enquiry please contact us at or use our contact form. 
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Some may call it the French Riviera...others, Côte d'Azur. By traveling to Nice, your mum will be in the middle of one of the most beautiful coastal regions on the planet.

The Azure Coast has its nickname for a reason. In 1887, a French writer, Stéphen Liégeard, published a book called La Côte d'Azur, substituting the French department of Côte-d'Or which he was a member of, with the azure blue color of the Mediterranean sea.

What will your mum do in Nice ? well that’s a nice question (pun intended)

Well, we can bet she will have the time of her life lounging on the sandy, long beaches of the Mediterranean, where she can enjoy the bright, sunny days swimming or participating in watersports activities.

What will she do when she wants to take a pause from the sun? Well, due to the fact that archaeologists have found settlements which  go back to 400.000 years ago, we can safely assume Nice is a pretty historical Region. The modern City itself was founded by the Greeks more than 2300 years ago and was given the name of Nikaia, the goddess of victory.

During the middle ages, the city was one of the busiest trading ports in the region and was included in the Genoese League, formed by the towns of Liguria.

And all that History can be seen in the countless museums of Nice. Of course, when in Nice, history is all around you, and the old city centre still maintains a lot of the medieval architecture, while the rest of the city tells you stories about the belle époque, maintaining the ambiance of that golden era.

So why not send your mum to this jewel city on the Azure Coast?

She can stay at the 3 star Hotel Relais D’ Acropolis. The hotel is equipped with comfortable beds and Wi-Fi in all rooms and lobby areas. The location of this hotel is great for exploring the city, as it’s between the Acropolis Congress Centre and the Old Town.

The 24-hour reception promises to assist your mum with travel plans, directions and more.

Leaving the UK for a winter break to Nice also has the added benefit of the renowned Mediterranean climate, warmer than you might expect and enjoyable all year round.

You can enjoy this break:

  • between January 1st and 16th and February 1st and 15th
  • between 1st and 10th and 23rd and 28th December


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